The Pittsburgh Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo is dedicated to the Martial Art of Budo Taijustu Ninjutsu as shared by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi.  Founders Dai Shihan Brent Earlewine and Dai Shihan Dave Fetterman have dedicated the past two + decades of their life to the pursuit of Budo Taijutsu and we are pleased to be the only Full Time Dojo dedicated to Ninjutsu in the Pittsburgh area!

We are part of the broader Taka Seigi family under the auspices of Dai Shihan Phil Legare.

We have a simple philosophy – Live the Budo Arts with Open Minds and Open Hearts.

Please join us on this path.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  If you are interested in joining the Dojo, please make arrangements to set up your personal interview and try a class.  No Obligation or costs.

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Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo

On July 27, 2018, Hatsumi Sensei received a new award from the imperial house: "Higashi-Kuninomiya Heiwa Shō" (peace award) 東久邇宮 平和賞, in appreciation of Japanese cultural and artistic diffusion and for his services to peace in Japan and promoting internationalism.

NOTE: The private palace Higashi-Kuninomiya is not directly controlled by the imperial family, which is sustained by private contributions rather than from government. This award was created around 1963. Recipients of the award are chosen by elite scholars and only for people who achieve the highest cultural or artistic level in Japan.

Information about this award foundation:

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We are officially closed this evening. After 5 days straight of instructor meetings and our 20th Anniversary Fall Ninja Camp, we will take a small break. Normal class is back on Wednesday. ...

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It is with Great Pleasure that I announce the following folks earned their new ranks at this weekend's 20th Anniversary PBTSD Fall Ninja Camp:
Nick Carrington - 6th Dan
Mike Minor - 6th Dan
Garrett Haines - Godan
Josh Gottlieb - Shodan
Zach Rutledge - Shodan
Willie Chaska - 2nd Kyu
Matt Joffe - 2nd Kyu
Matt Lott - 2nd Kyu
Ross Lundgren - 7th Kyu
Matt Plutt - 9th Kyu
Congratulations Gentlemen! Well deserved and an amazing experience to see and be a part of. You all earned it!
Gambatte! NOW we can start training!

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We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our Annual Fall Ninja Camp! And we are celebrating our 22nd Anniversary of our studies in the Bujinkan. What a trip it has been! Here is a look back at some special moments over the last two decades. ...

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