The Pittsburgh Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo is dedicated to the Martial Art of Budo Taijustu Ninjutsu as shared by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi.

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Founders Dai Shihan Brent Earlewine and Dai Shihan Dave Fetterman have dedicated the past two + decades of their life to the pursuit of Budo Taijutsu and we are pleased to be the only Full Time Dojo dedicated to Ninjutsu in the Pittsburgh area!  We teach adults 16 and older.

We are part of the broader Taka Seigi family under the auspices of Dai Shihan Phil Legare.

We have a simple philosophy – Live the Budo Arts with Open Minds and Open Hearts. Our training includes not only historical Japanese Ninpo & Samurai Martial Arts and weapons but we also incorporate modern combatives and modern weapons.

Please join us on this path.  We look forward to seeing you soon.  If you are interested in joining the Dojo, please make arrangements to set up your personal interview and try a class.  No Obligation or costs.

The Essence of Ninjutsu

By 34th Togakure Ryu Ninpo Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

“I believe that ninpo, the higher order of ninjutsu, should be offered to the world as a guiding influence for all martial artists. The physical and spiritual survival methods eventually immortalized by Japan’s ninja were in fact one of the sources of Japanese martial arts. Without complete and total training in all aspects of the combative arts, today’s martial artist cannot hope to progress any further than mere proficiency in the limited set of muscular skills that make up his or her training system. Personal enlightenment can only come about through total immersion in the martial tradition as a way of living. By experiencing the confrontation of danger, the transcendence of fear,injury or death, and a working knowledge of individual personal powers and limitations, the practitioner of ninjutsu can gain the strength and invincibility that permit enjoyment of the flowers moving in the wind, appreciation of the love of others, and contentment with the presence of peace in society.
The attainment of this enlightenment is characterized by the development of the jihi no kokoro, or “benevolent heart.” Stronger than love itself, the benevolent heart is capable of encompassing all that constitutes universal justice and all that finds expression in the unfolding of the universal scheme. Born of the insight attained from repeated exposure to the very brink between life and death, ninpo’s benevolent heart is the key to finding harmony and understanding in the realms of the spiritual and natural material worlds.

After so many generations of obscurity in the shadowy recesses of history, the life philosophy of the ninja is now once again emerging, because once again, it is the time in human destiny in which ninpo is needed. May peace prevail so that mankind may continue to grow and evolve into the next great plateau.”

Sakura in the snow in Noda Japan. ...

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Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo

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Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo

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