Bujinkan Dojo Roppou

The Six Treasures of the Bujinkan Dojo

As relayed by Soke at a 2018 Spring Buyu-Kai in Noda-Shi. At this Buyu Kai, Soke asked that the Kihon Happou and Sanshin no Kata be practiced daily. He asked that the Shihan, Yushuu Shihan and in particular the Dai Shihan ensure these treasures are pursued and practiced well in all Bujinkan dojo.

1.基本八法型 Kihon Happou Gata
( the 8 foundational techniques )

2.三心の型 San Shin no Kata (GoGyo)
( the 5 elemental techniques )

3. 無刀捕 Muto Dori
( disarming the armed opponent )

4.空間 [くうかん] Kuukan
押える [おさえる] Control
( control the space, control the opponent )

5. 女の護身術 [ごしんじゅつ]
Women’s Self Defense
( being able to control without the use of power ).

6. 共同体 [きょうどうたい]
( Building relationships/communities.)