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20th Anniversary Fall Ninja Camp

October 5, 2018 - October 7, 2018


This year marks the 20th camp we have conducted since the founding of the Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo! Incredible to think back on that original camp held at Shihan Earlewine’s cabin two decades ago.

Over the intervening years, we have had more fun than should be legal at our fall camps (and a coupe of spring camps as well). We have trained in Sword, Bo, Hanbo, Jo, Yari, Naginata, Kusari Fundo, Kyo Ketsu Shoge, Tanto, Firearms. We have climbed trees, we have trained in the swirling frigid waters of the Ohiopyle River, Roaring Run Creek and that nasty ass “pond” at the Antiochian Village. We have reviewed our basics, we have done Taijustu in the dirt and the mud and under the stars. We have had fun doing metsubushi and sentry work. We have practiced gotonpo, thrown shurikens and utilized improvised weapons. Hell we have even done “artillery”!

Our world is shifting in front of our eyes. This year it will be about celebrating how far we have come. And it will be about preparing for the future ahead.

So here’s the deal. All students Yondan and above – we are getting together on Thursday morning Oct 4th up by Nemacolin. We will be staying Thursday night in small rented cabins. The day will include Trap Shooting at Nemacolin, the on premise Cigar Bar, dinner either at the lodge or a decent restaurant near by and an over all celebration. The discussion will be about how the next generation carries forward into the coming years, AND toasts to incredible years behind us! Costs are on the individual attending and are not included in the camp fee.

Then Friday October 5th, we will kick off the actual camp. And we plan to kick it up a notch. As per our tradition – we will be camping in the Laurel Highlands of Western PA at Laurel Hill State Park. Map is below, and we will be in the Group Tent Camping Sites.


Bring a tent or tarp and normal camping gear. Sleeping bag, blanket, stool, stakes for the tent/tarp, flashlight, bug spray, etc. Or a hammock set up if you are brave enough.


There is gonna be chili. Oh sweet Mary and Joseph, there WILL be chili….because, well it wouldn’t be camp without it. And it will most likely have Jamison for flavor. And of course – bacon and sausage and beef because, well – the animals those things come from don’t have thumbs. And if it doesn’t have thumbs, we can eat it.

Friday night you are on your own for dinner, and if you want snacks, water, etc. then plan on bringing them with you. Typically everybody brings something to share to pass around the campfire at night (sweets, chips, etc.). Bring drinking water. Oh, and bring some drinking water. πŸ™‚


Then don’t come. πŸ™‚ No seriously. Stay home. Pansy.

Otherwise enjoy yourself. If you have never been camping, then now is the time to break through that personal barrier and have a blast with the rest of us!


Bring a chair.

BRING a chair.

Listen to the words coming out of my mouth – Bring. A. Chair.

Weapons: Bring all of your training weapons, including Bo, Jo, Hanbo, Bokken, Shoge, Fundo, fixed blade training knife, red folding knife, blue gun(s) etc. Bring a small knife to carve with. What to wear: Bring light outdoor training clothing. Bring extra training clothes since you WILL get dirty and possibly muddy. We will be on the ground, in the trees and rolling around. So a few extra pairs of training pants and socks/shoes etc. will go a looooonnnnnng way. Bring a chair! This is a state park and there is nowhere to sit unless you bring it. Recommend you wear sturdy shoes, outdoor tabi or tennis shoes, hiking boots etc. No bare feet. Long sleeve for the evening or a pull over and in case you need to cover up from the sun. Hats for daytime training please. We will be outside. The sun will be hot and burn you. Rain gear just in case. Miscellaneous: Flashlight. It gets dark out here in the country at night and you don’t want to run into anything. Sunscreen, lotion, insect repellant, small first aid kit that includes band aids, antiseptic, Benadryl (or the like for stings), Ibuprofen (or the like for headache, swelling). Shit – just bring everything and we will sort it out later.


$100 for active students – entire weekend (No single day breakouts). This year’s fee includes upgraded food (think steaks), and a high end shirt included in the camp fee. I will need your shirt size when you give me your camp fee.

Fees are due 2 weeks minimum prior to camp so we have a final count for food purchase and any extras we need to supply to make this another GREAT Ninja Camp. You can pay by cash, PayPal, credit card, check… No excuses! I am buying you custom printed shirts. So give me your damn payment ahead of time.


All active students. Any and all past students (with a few notable exceptions). No guests, no non-PBTSD students. If there is a question on any individual – see me or Shihan Fetterman.


We start Friday night at 7pm and go until 9pm. Friday – the instructors usually are up at the camp site by 4pm, so feel free to come up early to get set up, pitch your tent and get settled in. Remember, even though we provide all of the food for the rest of the weekend, you are on your own for dinner Friday night. We usually open up camp around the campfire with an intro session, a review of the schedule, and then time around the fire with some light training and history/overview etc.


Breakfast 8am (provided and included)

1st Training Session – 9am – 11:30am

Lunch (provided and included) 12pm Noon – 1:30pm

2nd Training Session- 2pm – 5pm

Dinner (provided and included) 6pm – 7pm

Night Session – 7pm – 9pm

Campfire and Relaxation


Breakfast 8am

1st Training Session – 9am – 11:30am

Lunch (provided and included) 12pm Noon – 1:30pm

Rank Testing – 2pm – 3pm (Zach is testing for Shodan) Guests are always welcome to watch the rank testing.

Celebratory Pictures, hugs all around!

Break camp, head home


October 5, 2018
October 7, 2018


Pittsburgh Bujinkan Dojo


Laurel Hill State Park
454 Laurel Hill Park Rd
Somerset, PA 15501 United States
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